Super Mind Music Library - Sale

Super Mind Music Library - Sale

Discover how
Super Mind Music
is transforming the lives of listeners...

Super Mind Music
heals you...

there is an amazing improvement!

I bought The Journey and The Schumann Resonance about a week ago, because of the accellerated healing properties that was claimed for those vibrations. The reason I bought them is because about 5 years ago I had to have a sinus op during which something apparently went quite wrong and I was left with a chronic cough that has become worse over the years, regardless of any medication. Nothing helped. Now, after only a few days of listening to your MP3s. there is an amazing improvement! Natasha

a great healing album

This is a fantastic album to listen to. All my stress melted away and I was able to sleep deeply. This is a great healing album. Teresa Phillips

Profound healing on a soul level

I absolutely LOVE this album and I experienced a profound healing on a soul level! The sense of peace and tranquility was almost immediately felt. I highly recommend this as a daily practice. Annie

Purchasing these MP3s was a good decision

I love the mind power MP3s I have purchased to date. The brainwave entrainment is working well. I listen to them every night. The acid reflux which has been bothering me for the past 2 years is finally feeling alot better and I am feeling better overall. Purchasing these MP3s was a good decision. Diomaris

Such healing entwined within the music. Very impressive

This music is so very deep and moving. It's remarkable that you can put on your headphones, sit back, relax, and also get the benefit of such healing entwined within the music. Very impressive. Julie Achterhoff

Super Mind Music
opens your mind...

I am amazed at what is happening to me. Simply amazed.

I've only been using the Unforgettable soundtracks for a few days and I am already experiencing some things that cannot be explained rationally. It's as if I am either accurately guessing what is coming, or what I'm desiring is manifesting almost instantly! Even my dreams have been a lot more in depth, and my conscious awareness in them has made them exponentially more exciting. I am amazed at what is happening to me. Simply amazed. B Awesome

it made me cry with joy and I felt a great shift in awareness

Schumann resonance so beautiful it made me cry with joy and I felt a great shift in awareness.I moved into my heart and felt very clear as if something had swept away negative energy and replaced it with vibrant silence. Calm mind so relaxing.I have had many astral experiences which have been unsettling but after listening to this music I had an astral experience that same night which felt like the most natural thing in the world and I have been unafraid since then. Thank you for your wisdom. Kerry

My intuition has increased

I loved listening to your Super Mind Music, but the Awakening just keeps me coming back for more. I wake up in the morning so clear headed and so in tune with my life. My intuition has increased and I look forward to listening to many more of your amazing products. Debbie Smartt

Super Mind Music
helps you sleep...

I feel peaceful and joyful

I haven't slept through the night for 12 years. Also it's hard for me to meditate as my mind chatters constantly. As the music began, it felt as though my brain was stiff and this music began to move and soften it ( a little irritating but I stayed with it). Well - I fell asleep and slept all night and the chatter has reduced so much I feel peaceful and joyful. Infinite Love and Gratitude to this company. Linda

sleeping more peacefully

I have purchased deep delta only two weeks ago and have been listening intense recording each night. During this short period, I noticed that i started to feel more and more relaxed and my sleeping pattern have changed, sleeping more peacefully. If this is the result from the short usage, wondering what will be over the longer period. Will keep you posted. Definitely recommend it to anyone. Roman

Super Mind Music
makes you happy...

Worth every cent

Listening to this gave me peace of mind, an overall good feeling from head to toe. It literally put a smile on my face, which hasn't happened for awhile. I bought the $97 special!!!! It is worth every cent. Connie Haynes

I could feel happiness in every part of my body

I LOVE Schumann Resonance. Within minutes I was feeling calm, relaxed and happy. I am normally a happy person. But while listening to the album I could feel happiness in every part of my body and emotions. It was like I was surrounded by beautiful light. I immediately sent the Mind Power website to my family members so that they could hear this music, too. Thank you so much. JD

It generates positives states of mind

I'm new to brain entrainment with ambient music. This music is like listening to old James Bond themes and it really inspires me. You really feel deeply with the music like your part of it. Now I'm thinking about it, the music actually stimulates parts of the brain to release serotonin. I encourage other people to experience this music as it generates positives states of mind Jeff

Simple joy in my everyday living

I absolutely adore this music. It seems to lift me - helps me reach inside to find peaceful and simple joy in my everyday living. I feel moved after listening. Margaret

Super Mind Music
relaxes you...

How does it get any better than this?

I couldn't wait to listen to the music I downloaded. I am a hypnotherapist, and the pieces did guide me to deep levels of relaxation and serenity. They won't sit on the shelf , I will continue to listen and who knows what I'll experience. How does it get any better than this? Sandra

Even my dog chills out to it

I love listening to this mp3, it is so relaxing. Whenever I have a few minutes spare I will put it on, I find I stop totally . Even my dog chills out to it. Julie

Super Mind Music
energizes you...

I was energetically and peacefully completing those tasks and more

While procrastinating about some unpleasant tasks, I began listening, anticipating some blissful inertia. Instead, I was energetically and peacefully completing those tasks and more. I have changed my perception of peace. Vivian

I've been very productive

I have seen some changes in the form of motivation, as well as feeling lighter. I find myself smiling for no apparant reason. The music is simply beautiful as well. Instead of turning on the T.V, I listen to this all day while doing my chores and other activities that aren't fun. I've been very productive as a result. Thanks. What a blessing! Stacey

more energetic and I can more work than usual

I find that I am more energetic and I can more work than usual. Siti Rokiah

Super Mind Music
relieves stress...

stress left my body after the initial listening

Amazing results, the stress left my body after the initial listening. What a fantastic product. Daphne

profound feeling of peace washed over me as I listened

A profound feeling of peace washed over me as I listened. I was moved in ways I never have been moved by a piece of music. I listen every night to help me get to sleep. I definitely feel positive changes in myself emotionally. Thank you very much for making it available. Barb

Super Mind Music
helps you meditate...

am able to go into a meditative state almost instantly

I am deeply moved by the music and am able to go into a meditative state almost instantly. I feel the connection with the Universe - experiencing joy and peace. Bernard

my meditations seem to be deepening

I love these products! I come home from a stressful day at work and can almost instantaneously feel relaxed upon listening. And my meditations seem to be deepening. I have just started using them, and I can't wait to continue....I actually look forward to my meditations more now! Thanks! Teri Osborne

Super Mind Music
rejuvenates you...

Feeling younger and more vibrant every day

Feeling younger and more vibrant every day! Have been listening at least three times daily, it really makes me feel so good. Beautiful music and the additional benefit of BWE is great! Thank you!!! Latifa

just can't get enough of it

I have been a music lover and had an interest in meta-physics for most of my life. As soon as I heard this album I knew that it was one of the most beautiful pieces of music I had ever encountered and coupled with the Schumann Resonances really had an effect upon me so spiritual and up-lifting I just wanted to listen to it over and over again, and since I discovered it a few days ago that is in fact what I have done at every opportunity. I just can't get enough of it, thank you one and all. Avis Newell

truly amazing how rejuvenated and refreshed I feel

It is truly amazing how rejuvenated and refreshed I feel after listening to this remarkable recording. Marie

Super Mind Music
is revolutionary...

all I can say is ASTONISHING!!

I have been listening to BWE (I even have a program to create them myself) for 2+ yrs. I was skeptical if these would actually work because I couldn't physically hear the entrainment.... but all I can say is ASTONISHING!! These pieces are some of the most emotionally moving songs & the BWE is hidden so well that I can listen to them anywhere (except driving, lol). I will be buying ALL my BWE from your site from now on! Excellent customer service too! Cynthia W

your program makes the pricey one sooooo BORING!

I love, love, LOVE your stuff! I bought into a different brain wave enhanced meditation program and I have to say your program makes the pricey one sooooo BORING! Rock on, guys and keep up the good work. JB

I was blown away by its sheer excellence

When I first listened to this exquisite music, I was blown away by its sheer excellence. It spoke to my heart and its need to be filled with good vibes. It told of world's unexplored and ethereal. I was addicted and I listen to it everyday especially when I need to relax, focus and be creative. Elizabeth Kariuki

have found that the music selections offered by Mind Power MP3 really refreshing!

I am currently doing some research into various Brain Wave Entrainment products, and have to admit that along with the benefits of the binaural tones embedded in the music, I have found that the music selections offered by Mind Power MP3 really refreshing! I enjoyed the music with acoustic guitar in Deep Delta, and while at first I thought it would be uplifting, it gently took me to a state of relaxation and deep restful sleep. Thank you! Shivana Inalsingh

usually don't like brain entrainment music, but yours is different

I love my recent downloads of your music. I usually don't like brain entrainment music, but yours is different. I can't even tell it is brain entrainment when listening. The music is powerful, relaxing, soothing, and just plain enjoyable to listen to. I am a songwriter and I know a little about what goes into making an excellent quality mp3. The production, sound quality, and choice of music that Super Mind Music uses is excellent. I find myself wanting to listen to the music often. Linda

Super Mind Music
is transformational...

..a kind of peace rarely felt

Wow... that took me by surprise...It touched me sooo deeply...I wept throughout off and on...I felt something breaking up in my heart and being swept away...and then just peace...a kind of peace rarely felt...It was all so spontaneous and out of my control...Wow... Joy M

I am reconnecting with something deep down inside that has been asleep for a long time

I just started listening to the music and reading about super mind music. I have known deep down inside that something was missing from my life, long story. I can tell you in the short time I have been listening, a kind of hopeful smile has washed over my soul. I feel that I am reconnecting with something deep down inside that has been asleep for a long time. Thank you for all the effort and time that has been spent making this available. Karen

you tend to start looking at your life in great detail

I recently purchased this 44 Minute Audio Track. It really is quite Amazing. After listening to this for the first few minutes I was beginning to feel totally relaxed. At the same time I had an overwhelming feeling deep down inside me of awe at the splendor of our Universe and God. Another thing that I found that when this Music starts to play you tend to start looking at your life in great detail. Francis Kuhn

It touched my soul essence

This is truly a masterpiece. The music alone is superb ...the first few times i listened to it i couldn't stop crying... it moved me in such a deep level. It touched my soul essence. It moves me to a new level, I absolutely love this one. Patricia

It was astounding!

I can't believe how quickly I felt the connection to my creativity. I was so relaxed and my mind just sort of enveloped the creative center of my mind. It was astounding! I wish I had done this much sooner. Thank You!! PJ Breese

Thank you so much for the beautiful music that is changing my life

Wow! How can I express my gratitude? The first time I listened the music of this album it was like switching the light from off to on...the energy I have the very next day and the clarity of mind not mention the memory, all improved enormously!!! I already talk to friends and family. Thank you so much for the beautiful music that is changing my life. Elizabeth

My customers love it and so do I

I just wanted to write you folks and let you know that I use your music in my Hypnoss Practice daily. My customers love it and so do I. Please continue to produce high quality products like this. Please feel free to use my letter/testimonial Dr. Mike Riberal, Ph.D.

missing out on such an amazing life altering experience

I really enjoyed Schumann Ressoonance. The music was absolutely beautiful. I'd recommend this product without any hesitations. I think people are so used to getting ripped off throughout life that they are hesitant to purchase products like these. It's a shame because there missing out on such an amazing life altering experience. Thank you. Molly

Create a Happier, Healthier and More Fulfilling Life...
...Just By Listening To 20 Special Music Albums...

How would you like to experience all these benefits?...

Accelerated learning Instant pain and stress relief Feel and look younger
Instant mood improvement Advanced healing of mind and body Deepest levels of relaxation
Increased psychic abilities Better immune system More energy and vitality
Better memory and focus Increased creativity Think faster and smarter

...just by listening to this specially enhanced (and beautiful) music?...

Relaxing acoustic guitar Wonderful classical and modern piano
Uplifting and euphoric dance music Traditional classic greats such as Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi and Tchaikovsky
The best ambient and chillout music Stunning meditation and chakra music
Brilliant modern classical Exciting trip hop and electronica

...The Super Mind Music Library ...20 revolutionary music albums...
...mixed with a wide range of therapeutic frequencies...

The Super Mind Music Library is a complete Brainwave Entrainment system made up of 20 albums filled with beautiful classical and contemporary music you can enjoy...

...whilst TUNING your brain to certain frequencies which then: boost your energy and creativity, improve efficiency and focus, sharpen your mind and concentration, and accelerate your body's natural healing ability, and so much more.

Brainwave Entrainment (or BWE) is a revolutionary method which uses sounds, pulses, and rhythms to guide your brain from one vibrational frequency to another.

A few frequencies we use in our audios...
...and their benefits to you...

  • 1 Hz - Feeling of well-being, pituitary stimulation to release growth hormone. Deep healing and relaxation.
  • 4 Hz - Help with addictions, deep meditation, helpful for people who suffer from exhaustion
  • 7.83 Hz - Schumann Resonance; rejuvenation, grounding, accelerated healing. ESP activation.
  • 10.5 Hz - Healing of body, lower blood pressure, mind/body unity

Our engineer Jeff Gignac is considered by many to be the world's leading innovator in Brainwave Entrainment Technology, and uses a variety of techniques to create and mask the BWE to maximize your enjoyment...

BWE is 100% natural, and completely safe to use in the comfort of your own surroundings.

The more you listen to The Super Mind Music Library, the deeper and better the results...

Here are just some of the long term benefits of using brainwave entrainment:

Brainwave entrainment increases your brain's processing power

Listening to brainwave entrainment builds new neural pathways which encourages the growth of special fibers within the brain.

As these new fibers grow, they increase the surface area available for receiving incoming information. The more of these fibers the brain has, the quicker it can process information. Think of it as bodybuilding for the brain!

Brainwave entrainment can counteract the effects of aging -

The more you listen to brainwave entrainment, and the more new fibers your brain will develop. This makes the brain stronger and allows it to operate at its full potential rather than just a portion of it. This can counteract the debilitating effects of aging.

Brainwave entrainment helps you reach extraordinary levels of performance -

One of the major benefits of brainwave entrainment is the balancing of the brain's electrical activity or whole brain functioning.

As various parts of your brain start to work together, neural pathways begin to fire more rapidly. This can help your brain to reach extraordinary levels of performance and higher thinking ability, which in turn produces intense creativity, clarity and inspiration.

Here's What Doctors Have Discovered About The Healing Power of Music

Medical science acknowledges the dramatic healing power of music, and use of music therapy to treat Autism, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and Tourettes is now common around the world.

One study showed that listening to music for 1 hour, had the same stress busting benefits as an hour of massage!

A separate study by Dental Surgeons showed that patients who listened to music whilst being treated had 5x fewer negative feelings than those who didn't.

Music takes you out of stress and to a peaceful state where emotional and physical healing can occur. Music can even trigger a release of endorphins, feel good chemicals which occur naturally in the brain.

Use the dropdown menu to select an album, press > to play, and use the >>I button to scroll through the tracks. You'll find 5 sample tracks from most albums. As the music includes brainwave entrainment, listening is only recommended to people 18 years and older. Headphones Recommended.

Please note: The jukebox is designed to demonstrate the variety and quality of music, as well as the levels of brainwave entrainment you will consciously hear. You will NOT experience the benefits of the brainwave entrainment from these sample tracks.

Incredible Feedback... In just a short time, we've received over 1000 glowing testimonials from listeners some of their stories now in the right hand column...

Years of development...

Each album went through a long process of creation, testing and redesigning so the maximum benefits are experienced - Hundreds of hours were spent on EACH album ...sometimes just on music selection alone... The total library took over 2 years to create.

It also took several years to develop the technology that allowed these audios to be so effective.


The Super Mind Music Library contains...

Schumann Resonance: Unforgettable Moments $29.95 - Tune into the frequency of earth - the Schumann Resonance at 7.83 Hz. Also known as the heartbeat of Earth, this frequency helps with rejuvenation, ESP activation, accelerated healing and enhanced learning. It also helps you feel balanced and grounded. The magical music may be some of the best modern classical music you have ever heard ...nostalgic, romantic, dramatic ...epic...

Lush Life: Ambient Chill and Dream Trip $29.95 - Ready for more of what makes life worth living? Open your mind and clear away all limiting beliefs. Prepare yourself for abundance. 2 beautiful and unique music albums: electronic/classical ambient and chillout/trip hop ...both mixed with the same abundance magnifying frequencies..

Classic Love: Dedicated to You $29.95 - 10 beautiful classical love songs including greats from Beethoven, Handel, Mendelssohn and Elgar, and compositions such as Ave Maria, Canon in D, Midsummers Night Dream Nocturne and Nimrod from Enigma. The music is mixed with frequencies that can help open your heart so you can give and accept love more easily...

Deep Delta: Elixir $29.95 Acoustica - Slip quickly and easily into the delta state whilst listening to amazing acoustic guitar, and enjoy the many benefits associated with delta brainwaves which include pain relief, longevity, natural human growth hormone (HGH) release, extreme bliss, advanced healing of mind and body, deep connection with subconscious, deepest level of relaxation, increased psychic abilities, boosted immune system and intuition.

Blissful Meditation: Piano Moods $29.95 - This brainwave entrainment audio helps you to relieve stress and reach deep levels of relaxation using gentle alpha, as well as encouraging brain balance, new neural pathways growth and increased mind power. The music contains classics such as the beautiful Moonlight Sonata mixed together with some wonderful 21st century classical piano. Cool and contemporary.

Unwind Your Mind: Ambient Journey $29.95 - Beautiful ambient music mixed with ethereal soundscapes to soothe and caress your ear, mixed with brainwave entrainment to unwind, relax, de-stress and feel great - These frequencies also have a secondary effect; they act as mood enhancers for most people.

Contemplation Stimulation: Classical Peace $29.95 - This track helps you achieve peace of mind as it facilitates deep, contemplative and profound thinking. It also enhances concentration, so you can remain focused on any task for long periods of time. You'll be able to work faster, with fewer tendencies to get distracted. Set to some of Tchaikovsky and Mozart's most beautiful and moving pieces.

The Awakening: Mind Over Matter $29.95 - The beautiful chakra music is composed by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. 7 tracks, each enhanced with powerful BWE, and each composed in the key which resonates with each chakra in your body. Listening to the album will awaken and purify each one of your chakras in turn. This will help you feel healthy - (physically, mentally and spiritually), energized and emotionally balanced.

Dream Maker: Chillout Groove $29.95 - This chillout track contains various brain wave entrainment frequency ranges which help you relax and let go of tension, while increasing the ability to visualize in a clear and focused manner. The music is chilled, uplifting, sometimes jazzy, sometimes a little funky ...and has even been compared to Pink Floyd!

Effortless Efficiency: Vivaldi, The Four Seasons $29.95 - Powerfully develops your ability to concentrate for long periods of time. You'll be able to keep your focus under pressure, giving you mental stamina and endurance, whilst listening to the classic The Four Seasons by Vivaldi.

Inner Visions: Piano Moods 2 $29.95 - Enhance your inner guidance and inner vision. This track uses frequencies to boost intuition, clairvoyance, healing, immunity and coherence - blended with wonderful pacifying piano music.

Total Euphoria: Dance Mix $29.95 - Enjoy a high energy track which promotes DNA stimulation and stress relief. You'll enjoy rapid healing of body, mind/body unity, physical immunity, and enhances mind over matter, deepens your love of life, and your love of self and others. ...mixed with uplifting dance music for total euphoria...

Creative Genius: Mozart Symphony $29.95 - This track powerfully influences 3 abilities vital to personal success. Enhance your overall brain power, focus, and creativity. Develop the ability to think outside the box, so you can create opportunities others seem to miss.

Sunset Cafe - Pleasure Mix $29.95 - The music is chilled, laid back ...and fun ...and the brainwave entrainment encourages the production of Feel Good Chemicals to INSTANTLY improve your emotional state.

The Journey: The Ecstasy of Being $29.95 - This sublime music, by Christopher Lloyd Clarke, evolves slowly and gently - mysterious ethereal soundscapes, choral crescendos and soft, celestial passages. The Ecstasy of Being is a musical work of great emotional depth, whilst the brainwave entrainment takes you on a journey through gateways of frequencies to accelerated healing and beyond to universal connectedness.

Brain Boost: Beethoven Symphony $29.95 - This track encourages intense focus and concentration, whilst increasing your levels of motivation, intelligence, problem solving, and creativity. It also improves your ability to deal with external problems, quickly and easily without feelings of anxiety. The ultimate brain booster!

Working Rhythms: Mystic Fusion $29.95 - This exciting audio is designed to keep you energized, focused and creative. Set to an exciting combination of Middle Eastern rhythms mixed with modern electronic for an eclectic fusion.

Energy Activation: Holst, The Planets $29.95 - This full track is designed to give the entire Chakra system an energetic tune-up. Become energized in a calm, focused, and powerful way.

Calm Mind: Unforgettable Moments $29.95 - This track enables you to achieve the theta state of tremendous stress relief. Enjoy improved concentration, reduced hyperactivity and improved memory. Your blood pressure, breathing and heart rate will slow to a much healthier level that promotes natural healing.

<Spirit Guide: Unforgettable Moments $29.95 - This track is said to be perfect to contact spirit guides for direction, as well as creativity, problem solving, awareness of self and purpose and even help with alcohol and drug addiction. Set against the serene Unforgettable Moments music - modern classical music - epic, romantic, nostalgic ....magic

30 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

We're so confident you'll be overjoyed with The Super Mind Music Library that we're taking all the risk out of buying.

If at any point during the 30 days after your purchase you're not completely satisfied we'll refund you 100% of your money back.

So now it's up to you...

Buy With Confidence

After entering your details and submitting your order, you'll visit the Paypal website to make a secure payment.

They accept Visa, Delta, MasterCard, American Express, and Maestro.

After paying you'll get instant access to your purchases so you can start enjoying the complete library within minutes.

...and remember there's NO RISK with our 30 Day Iron Clad Guarantee.

If you're ready to experience the beautiful, transformational music whenever you want,
just click below to order The Super Mind Music Library now.

Get all 20 albums and ALL the bonuses for just $810.75 $97

Invest in the library today and you'll also get:

Deep Delta: Unforgettable Moments $29.95

We wondered what would happen when we combined the popular and extremely powerful delta brainwave entrainment, with our most popular music album, the sublime classical music - Unforgettable Moments. If you get the Super Mind Music library today, you'll find out!

Millionaire Mind Method 7 week course and bonuses $97

The Millionaire Mind Method Training Program changed someone's life from one of debt and despair, to earning over half a million dollars in a year. It consists of 7 life-changing written and audio sessions. One lesson will be delivered to you each week for 7 weeks. It can help you generate the focus and desire you need to find your purpose in life ...then help you get what you want.

This course currently sells elsewhere for $97 and also includes many extra bonuses, including Think and grow rich audio course, As a man thinketh audio course and the 5 Step success system audio course - in total over 90 mp3s and pdfs!

Brave Heart: Instant Happiness System by Jeff Gignac $44.85

One of our best selling programs - this series uses a combination of advanced BWE and neuro linguistic programming (NLP)

  • 7 Minute Natural High - Produce more 'feel good' chemicals into your brain naturally so you can become calm, happy and balanced in your life ...on demand...
  • Fear Removal Machine - Block unwanted thoughts and behaviour patterns so you can enjoy a greater sense of peace, well being, and security.
  • The Feel Good Trigger - Use 'feel good' triggers to instantly improve your emotional state, almost anywhere and anytime you can overcome the most challenging situations and fears, easily and quickly.

The Perfect Sleep System $39.95

The system works by initiating a frequency following response from the brain. This means by simply listening, you will begin to adjust your own brain waves to match and then follow the imbedded frequencies in the audios. The system contains new clinically proven technology that will allow you to effortlessly let go, fall asleep quickly and sleep better than ever before.

It's easy to use. Simply listen to audio 1 or 2 just before you want to have a peaceful and rejuvenating night's sleep. In just 30 minutes or less you will be guided into a healthy, natural sleep cycle that will leave you feeling totally refreshed and revitalized.

What you get

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Super Mind Music Library - All 20 unique and powerful albums valued at $29.95 each



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an album)

Deep Delta: Unforgettable Moments $29.95 FREE
Millionaire Mind Method Course $97 FREE
Brave Heart: Instant Happiness System $44.85 FREE
The Perfect Sleep System $39.95 FREE



6 Reasons why you should get the library today...

If you're ready to experience the beautiful, transformational music whenever you want,
just click below to order The Super Mind Music Library now.

Get all 20 albums and ALL the bonuses for just $810.75 $97

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