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How to Raise Your Consciousness to a New Realm of Thoughts and Choices, for Total Abundance.

Elisabeth Fayt often get's asked "Will you mentor me?" The answer is "YES! Her Mentor Me Special Offer for Awakening To Abundance Subscribers will give you practical tools, ongoing helpful hints and new ways to approach life so you can change your vibrations to transform your thoughts and actions into results!

Each downloadable audio session you get is experiential with guided introspection exercises and specific methods you can practice throughout your day. You will acquire knowledge on topics like the laws of the Universe (law of attraction, law of deliberate creation, law of allowing, law of abundance) as well as talks on relationships, effective goal-setting, changing habits, developing intuition, spiritualizing business, the art of meditation and more. Her program will awaken, guide, and inspire you right in the comfort of your own home.

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Class 1: The Law of Attraction
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What is Abundance?  Learn from the Master of the Law of Attraction on how to attract it!  In this hour, Elisabeth shares practical tools on how to change your thought for immediate results. She shares real-life inspiring stories that make it easy.  You will wish you had known this information all along.  Easy, simple changes, for positive powerful results.

In this hour, you will: 1) Learn key words and phrases that attract abundance from the Universe. 2) Learn how to Pre-Pave, the most powerful tool of Intention. 3) Become aware of the day-to-day roadblocks you've been creating for yourself and how to stop them.

Class 2: The Law of Deliberate Creation
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Learn how to be a deliberate creator.  In this class, you will pull out the weeds of limiting beliefs that have held you back.  By "pivoting" through these road-blocks, you will overcome the obstacles to what you have been wanting to create, and you will become clear on your desires.

In this hour, you will: 1) Discover your deepest negative beliefs, pull them out and replace them with positive ones. 2) Receive tangible tools you can implement immediately to become a powerful creator. 3) Be more in tune with your desires and will be equipped with the means to achieve them.

Class 3: The Law of Allowing
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Learn how to be happy under all conditions.  The Law of Allowing is a Universal Law that works alongside the Law of Attraction.   This law will change your life more than any other law.  Elisabeth shows you the steps of what it is and how to follow it, in order to reap success in all areas of your life.

In this hour, you will: 1) Learn how to be happy under all conditions. 2) Learn the art of getting along. 3) Have the tools to become in great demand. 4)  Receive peace of mind.

Class 4: The Law of Attraction in Love
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This hour class teaches the do's and don'ts in fostering successful relationships. Elisabeth shares easy and practical tips that you can practice immediately to change any relationship, firstly to change yourself.

In this hour, you will: 1) How to speak, think and act in order to attract & maintain a successful relationship. 2) How to find happiness in your current relationship, or how to attract a new one if desired. .

Class 5: Spiritualizing Relationships
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Take your relationships to a deeper level in this one-hour workshop on how to spiritualize your connections with others.  When you understand the true meaning behind the connection, your role in it becomes more clear, and you can then better fulfill it.  It is then also, that you are more receptive to receive the blessings from it as well.

In this hour, you will: 1) Learn how to bring Universal energy into your relationship. 2) Learn key tips of communication that foster love and trust. 3)  Give meaning and PURPOSE to your relationship.

Class 6: Spiritualizing Business
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From her experience on the road with Billionaire Ron Joyce, combined with her study with the Masters of India, Elisabeth combines the best of the East and West, giving guidance on how to spiritualize our environment.

In this hour, you will: 1) Learn how to change a negative or challenging work environment into a positive one. 2) Bring PURPOSE to your work. 3) Learn how to be an example, a spiritual leader.

Class 7: Living the Spiritual Life
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What does it mean to live a spiritual life and is spiritual living compatible with modern-day life?  Elisabeth shows you the practical footsteps of how to do it, showing that God is not in the clouds, but that Spirit is right here, and Spirituality is a way of life.

In this hour, you will: 1) Learn what it means to truly spiritualize
every part of your day. 2) You will be able to bring peace into your thoughts, words and actions. 3) You will find purpose in all that you do.

Class 8: The Art of Meditation
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Learn the basics of the art of meditation, from postures to breathing techniques and affirmations. If you've never meditated before, you will be able to begin practicing immediately. 

If you've been meditating already, Elisabeth will take you to a deeper level in your meditations. In this hour, you will: 1) Learn how to cultivate Divine Love. 2)  Begin an inward journey of self-discovery.

Class 9: Making Dreams Come True (part 1 and 2)
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If you've ever heard "You are your own worst enemy", it's probably true. We hold ourselves back in so many ways from manifesting our greatest dreams. Allow Elisabeth to untap the cork of possibilities and help your greatest dreams.

In this hour, you will: 1) Discover your life's desires and dreams. 2) Discover how you've been holding yourself back. 3) Become free to create your dreams, without limitation.

Class 10: Making Dreams Come True (part two)
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Continuing on with the above class, this class covers much material and requires 2 hours of study.

In this hour, you will: 1) Discover your life's desires and dreams. 2) Discover how you've been holding yourself back. 3) Become free to create your dreams, without limitation.

Class 11: Developing Crystal Clear Intuition
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Does everyone have the same Intuition or is it gifted to only some?  Elisabeth shows that EVERYONE has the innate gift of Intuition, that it must only be cultivated.  In this hour, she shares practical ways to increase your Intuition and begin using it in every part of your life.

In this hour, you will: 1) What Intuition is and how to tap into it. 2) Practical tools to strengthen your Intuition. 3) How to make better decisions at work and in love by tapping into the well of Intuition.

Class 12: Empowering the Self, Reaching your highest potential
MP3 Audio Download

With the help of a Numerologist, Elisabeth helps you untap your greatest potential.

In this hour, you will: 1) Learn your life path number and what it means. 2) Discover your greatest gifts and be inspired to apply them. 3) Tap into your greatest Self.

Bonus 1: Choosing Peace Poem -
PDF Download - English
Bonus 2: Choosing Peace Poem -
PDF Download - Spanish

"Everything in life is Choice. Balance vs. restlessness, harmony vs. conflict, poverty vs. abundance. Inner peace is not a result of circumstance. It is a choice. What will you choose?"

"Everything in life is Choice. Balance vs. restlessness, harmony vs. conflict, poverty vs. abundance. Inner peace is not a result of circumstance. It is a choice. What will you choose?"

"Joining this mentorship program is a decision that will change your life forever.
As your Mentor, you have my commitment and support. You are in my thoughts, prayers
and mind throughout. Join me on this journey and explore what great things you can create, expanding your consciousness to receive the greatest of miracles!"
- Elisabeth Fayt


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What Other People are Experiencing with
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"You said your goal was to change lives, and you have. All those who were there are changed, some just a little bit, some a lot. Some will shout from the rooftops and others will internalize your message and change "quietly." However it happens, you are reaching out and accomplishing your goals, and helping others accomplish theirs. By the way, I am having a GREAT day."
- Art, Entrepreneur [male]

I can't tell you how appreciative I am for you and your gracious gift. I walked away from the event with a deeper understanding of life.  The event itself was wonderful and inspiring.  Your message in particular truly touched my heart. You could tell looking around that you moved many through your teachings. I am just sorry that some of my friends were not able to be there. I know they would have greatly benefited from you and the day. - E.N., Calgary

"My partner and I really enjoyed your presentation. I have been listening to your audios. You have a wonderful speaking voice…the messages are also great."
- Amy Strutt

I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your presentation and how it had such a strong impact on me. Your message was exactly what I needed to hear and you delivered it in a way that was very enlightening for me. In fact, your presentation was the highlight of the day for me as you stood out amongst ALL the speakers. So thank you very much for the difference you've already made in my life and, no doubt, the difference you make in the lives of many others. - G.H.

When you lead the meditation, there was a tangible force, power…or call it Presence…that entered the room. From that moment on, there was an indescribable PEACE that filled the room as you spoke.- A.S.

Elisabeth, WOW…you brought tears to my eyes, and kept an active listening audience completely riveted!  THANK YOU!! - A.T

"Have to say it is really fantastic stuff! It will have huge positive implications for all readers whether they are new to this way of thinking or quite experienced with it - this is so well done that each reader will be able to align themselves immediately." - Laure Mayo

"I am grateful for your beautiful words..you do inspire woman and that is incredible..you have a true gift.." -Rebecca Hay, Reflexologist

"You were amazing and I really enjoyed how you threw in some humor too."
- Controller of Hotel Arts

"Your talk was amazing." -Caroline Barham, Owner of 6 Tim Hortons Franchises

You could hear a pin drop. You had everyone’s undivided attention. - K.K., Calgary

"Thank you for the invite for all of us last night. You are amazing!!!!"
- Jan Wittig, Female Entrepreneur Extraordinare!

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