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Reclaim Your Divine Birthright and Open Yourself Up to The Flow of God's Infinite Abundance

Patricia Cota-Robles is an internationally known author and teacher who has taught workshops in over 18 countries, has co-founded the nonprofit, educational organization, the New Age Study of Humanity's Purpose, written 11 books and produced CDs, Webinars, DVD's, teleconferences, a weekly radio program, Global Meditations, and presentations that supplement her work.

For over 40 years, Patricia has been helping awakening souls all over the world take charge of their lives. Her philosophy is: Every person is precious and Divine, regardless of how far his or her behavior patterns and life experiences may be from reflecting that Truth. We are not the victims of our lives. We are the co-creators of our lives. Patricia says: " People experience poverty, because at some point in time, they have energized the consciousness of lack and limitation. When they begin to change that energy, they can manifest the abundance all around them, because the flow of God's abundance is truly limitless." Today you have the opportunity to do just that.

In this Special Offer for Awakening To Abundance, your are getting Patricia's best teachings and she will guide you from Poverty Consciousness into Prosperity Consciousness that will open the gates to an infinite flow of abundance and happiness. You'll be able to see the bigger picture; that everything happening in your life is something, that at one point you actually created, but is now coming back to you to complete learning the lesson so you can finally move forward. And once you do this, you'll move into the higher frequencies of gods harmony. All of us have a powerful life purpose & mission that we have agreed to accomplish.

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Divine Alchemy
15 MP3 Audio Downloads

The Company of Heaven has explained that the advantage of people listening to the same Audio and invoking the powerful tools, visualizations, information, meditations, and affirmations in exactly the same way every time, which happens when we all are using the same Audio, the thought form being invoked builds in momentum exponentially.

For this reason, we have made this program available for anyone who is interested in assisting Humanity with the two critical facets of the Divine Plan that, according to the information from On High, reflect the greatest need of the hour between now and December 21, 2012.

The First MP3 Set (9 Audios) contains the amazing overview from the Beings of Light that is designed to help us remember the sacred knowledge of how Humanity lost awareness of the Elemental Kingdom, and what we must do now to heal our relationship with these selfless servants of Humanity and our Father-Mother God. These audios also addresses the critical facet of the Divine Plan that is necessary in order for us to assist Mother Earth with the Divine Alchemy of transforming her carbon-based cells into the crystalline-based cells of her Solar Light Bodies. In addition, it reveals the amazing Divine Intervention that has taken place, up to this point, to heal the schism between Humanity and the Elemental Kingdom.

The Second MP3 Set (6 Audios) contains very powerful invocations, meditations, visualizations, and other activities of Light that will help each of us to consciously and deliberately participate in the Divine Alchemy of transforming our carbon-based cells into the crystalline-based cells of our Solar Light Bodies. As we God Victoriously accomplish this for ourselves, we will simultaneously assist the I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child to do this for themselves in alignment with his or her Divine Plan and the highest good for all concerned.

Who Am I? Why Am I Here?
2 Ebook Downloads - .MOBI and .EPUB Format

This is a book I have been waiting to write for 35 years. The Divine Intent of this book is not only to share priceless information with you, but also to teach you how to go within to the Divinity of your own Heart Flame where you will directly access this Sacred Knowledge for yourself.

Contained within these sacred Truths are the viable solutions to all of the maladies existing in our individual and our collective lives. At long last, the answers to the questions people have been asking for lifetimes can be revealed. These profound Truths have been carefully hidden in sacred mystery schools, awaiting the time when the masses of Humanity would be awake enough to comprehend them. That time is NOW!!

This amazing new book answers the questions:

1. What is the true story of Humanity's fall from Grace?
2. How did the various world religions form?
3. What was Jesus' real mission, and how does he fit into the present unfolding Divine Plan?
4. What was Jesus' relationship with Mary Magdalene?
5. Is there a Feminine Aspect of God? Do we really have a Mother God?
6. Are all Human Beings Children of God? What does that mean?
7. Are there Beings on other planets? If so, what is their relationship to us?
8. Why is there so much pain and suffering on Earth? Can I do anything to change
Humanity's misery?
9. Is it true that Humanity's natural Birthright is the Infinite Abundance of God? If so,
how can I reclaim that abundance?
10. Why are things so intense right now? Is something BIG about to happen?
11. What is really going to happen in 2012? What can I do to prepare for that?
12. Am I capable of transforming my life into what I want it to be?

In this vitally important new book, "Who Am I? Why Am I Here?" these questions, and many more, are answered clearly and comprehensively.

"If you only buy one book in your lifetime, this is the most important book you will ever read. It is so well written and easy to understand. It has the potential to transcend all our beliefs about life into a new awareness. It is the best book I have ever read and I am so grateful to Patricia for sharing this truth with us all." - Reader

Abundance - Your Natural Birthright
3 MP3 Audio Downloads

God's Abundance is our natural Birthright. It is available to each of us NOW!..and in this 3 MP3 audio set, you will learn and experience sacred knowledge being given to Humanity by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. This program contains new information and exercises that will help you attain your Financial Freedom.

Topics in this audio set include: Abundance is Our Natural Birthright, Abundance is The Path to Peace, and The Gift.

The Awakening: Access Your Eternal Youth, Vibrant Health, Radiant Beauty
2 MP3 Audio Downloads (Morning & Evening Exercises)

Morning Exercises - AM...These exercises have been given to us by the Company of Heaven. The Divine Intent is to help us quickly raise the energy, vibration and consciousness of our physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies. This will allow us to transcend the maladies existing in our bodies. These powerful exercises will help us to easily Ascend into the perfection of our Solar Light Bodies

Evening Exercises - PM...The Evening exercises are designed to help us release the things we have inadvertently created during the day that contribute to the manifestation of disease, aging, and every other degenerative process.

It Is Time For You To Be Financially Free - Open Yourself Up to the Flow of God’'s Infinite Abundance - PDF Book Download

Our lack and financial limitation are based in poverty consciousness. In order for us to be poor, we must first accept poverty as our reality.

This incredible book clearly describes how we can change our attitudes and beliefs about money and naturally open up to the FLOW OF GOD’'S INFINITE ABUNDANCE through prosperity consciousness.

The Power of One - Awaken To Your Full Potential
3 MP3 Audio Downloads

This MP3 audio is filled with powerful information, visualizations, exercises, affirmations and meditations from the Realms of Truth that will assist you in balancing the Divine Masculine within your own Heart Flame.

These sacred gifts are specifically designed to awaken every person to assist each of us in reaching our full Divine Potential. It is time for the Divine Will, Power and Authority of our Father God to reclaim its rightful place within us.

The Violet Flame - God's Gift To Humanity
16 MP3 Audio Downloads

This MP3 audio set clearly and simply explains exactly what the Violet Flame is and how it will assist you in transforming your life into expressions of love, abundance, health, happiness, fulfillment and every other facet of the Divine Potential that you have within yourself.

The Violet Flame reflects the perfect balance of the masculine and feminine aspects of our Father-Mother God. It is the most powerful tool we have for transmuting the negativity surfacing in our personal lives and on the planet.

In this program, you will receive visualizations, invocations, meditations, and information that will allow you to become a powerful instrument of Divine Light. This program was created through the inspiration and guidance of Beloved Saint Germain and the Company of Heaven; weather you are a neophyte or Avatar, this program is designed to help.



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What Other People are Experiencing with Patricia's Infinite Flow of Abundance Program:

"I have every CD Patricia has produced. How blessed we are that we are on the planet at the same time with her. The Wisdom and Truth she shares is empowering beyond measure. And the tools she gives on the CDs enable all of us who listen the ability to collectively contribute to the success of the coming Shift of the Ages." - Customer

Dear Patricia Diana Cota-Robles: I have followed the work of the Era of Peace for many years and have read several of your books. Thank you for all of the work that you have done and continue to do to foster the upliftment humanity's consciousness to Ascension. My heartfelt gratitude to you and all of those who work with you. Thank you for saying "YES" to this Mission.
- Love and Light, Lorraine

"I love Patricia. Her voice resonates high frequency vibrations which gently awakens the Earth children who are still slumbering. Her call is loving yet urgent that the time has come to realize through the real eyes of our collective Human Heart (notice how earth and heart contain the same letters)the precious gift of conscious co-creation with Love, the only vibration that resonates Truth. Thank you Patricia for this amazing gift." - Customer

"Who Am I? Why Am I Here? This book meets us (the reader) exactly where we are and provides information to help us move into higher frequencies of the Light - make the shift necessary to move out of limitation into a more graceful reality. It is not only the profound information that is presented in a simple, easy to read and understand format that makes this book a powerful gift to anyone who reads it - it is the energy that comes through the words while reading that is a most exquisite blessing... So whether you are new to the information presented in the book, or have read hundreds of books, this is a must read. Any book that affects one so deeply and profoundly is gratefully a Divine Intervention. The writing is so simple and clear. I am able to grasp the true meaning of the "I Am". She makes it plain that we are living our purpose when we stay aligned with God. This took away my fears and allowing me to move closer toward my goals." 
- Penny from Houston

"It Is Time for You to Be Financially Free I am so grateful! This may only be a "booklet," but it is packed with the step-by-step information one needs to get out of the poverty rut, – the beliefs deeply entrenched within our consciousness, dug throughout our life(times) by continuous thoughts, feelings and mental pictures of what we do not want, rather than what we do want. And then, the out picturing of this in our life (to which we gave such great attention) had us continually re-imprint it over and over and over again. In order to change, we need to ACT differently. It takes what it is in this book to re-focus - not to just choose and have the intention (a mental concept), but to ACT in order to again out picture our abundance consciousness – and be eternally financially free!" - Customer

"Abundance- It only takes listening to this audio once to start living abundantly! To be given the missing link necessary to gain the understanding of why we struggle in limitation and poverty and, more importantly, how simple it really is to be free and live abundantly is truly a treasure. This audio not only provides a wealth of information, and a cornucopia of tools to develop prosperity consciousness, it provides the opportunity for us to receive by simply giving our time to listening to it; thereby allowing ourself to be taken to where we need to go to be the Open Door. Listening expands my consciousness and opens me to be more effective in outpicturing Heaven on Earth – by simply keeping my awareness on and receiving God’s abundance; thereby easily letting go of deeply hidden, wrongly-held beliefs about myself and abundance (particularly money). I Am God's Eternal Peace and Infinite Abundance manifest. I am eternally grateful!" - Customer


Yes, I Want Patricia's Powerful
"Infinite Flow Of Abundance" Program

RETAIL PRICE IS <<$125.00>>
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